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Still having technical questions?

Tech. Helpdesk:  +49 (0) 1805 - 998 445
14 Cent per minute from a landline in Germany, mobile rates may vary.

The support hotline is available workdays between 9:00 and 18:00 CET.

Frequentliy Asked Questions

Is there a Free Trial available?

You can trial Tradesignal Online Terminal with realtime-pushdata free-of-charge for 14 days.
Click here to sign-up for the trial

What is the Cancellation Period?

The cancellation period for the service is one calendar month starting on the last day of the month in which the cancellation is made.

Is order routing available?

Orders can be routed interactively, or as part of a mechanical trading system, to Interactive Brokers.
Advisory accounts are currently not supported.

Minimum System Requirements

ProcessorCore i3 or better
Memory4 GB
Hard Drive2 GB free space
Graphics Card64 MB Memory with latest drivers
Monitor1024x768 resolution or higher
Operating SystemWindows 7/8.1/10 (only 64-bit)
SoftwareMicrosoft Internet Explorer 11 or higher
Internet Connection    DSL, Cable Modem or T1

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Basic Service Price
Tradesignal Online Terminal - Basic Service
Included data packs from TeleTrader Software GmbH:
• Delayed Deutsche Börse Indices and ETF€ 0.00
• Delayed Xetra and Eurex data€ 0.00
• Realtime Forex data € 0.00
• News from Hugin and Euro Ad-Hoc€ 0.00
• Delayed Advanced Decline Instruments € 0.00
• Delayed Xetra and Eurex Level 2 data*€ 0.00
• Metals from pro aurum (Realtime) € 0.00
• Realtime after hours dealing data from Tradegate € 0.00
• World Data in EOD (No Intraday charting possible)€ 0,00
• Indication Data from Deutsche Bank for Commodities and Indices in Realtime€ 0,00
(* If the Level 1 data package is ordered, the delayed Level 2 data will be removed)
Info € 59.95 1)
Realtime Data: Europe Price
Deutsche Börse Indices and Xetra ETF Info € 1.19
Spot Market Germany (Xetra and Frankfurt) Info € 10.60
Spot Market Germany - Level II Info € 17.85
Euwax and Stuttgart Info € 12.14
SCOACH Info € 3.57 1)
Lang & Schwarz Info € 4.76
Eurex Info € 10.60
Eurex - Level II Info € 7.14
STOXX Indices Info € 5.64
ICE Europe
incl. Brent Crude Oil Future
Info € 143.99 2) 3)
Budapest Stock Exchange Stocks and Indices Info € 7.14
Budapest Stock Exchange - Level II Info € 2.38
NASDAQ OMX Nordic Info € 26.95 2) 3)
Istanbul Stock Exchange (DL)
The Data is 3 Minutes delayed
Info € 5.95
Realtime Data: USA Price
Dow Jones and S&P Indices Info € 16.95
AMEX: American Stock Exchange Info € 4.19 2) 3)
Nasdaq: Stocks and Indices Info € 13.49 2) 3)
NYSE: New York Stock Exchange Info € 4.19 2) 3)
Toronto Stock Exchange Info € 22.50 2) 3)
CBoT: Chicago Board of Trade
Includes Mini Futures
Info € 117.13 2) 3) 4)
Chicago Board of Trade (CBoT) - Minis Info € 61.23 2) 3)
CME: Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Includes E-Mini Futures
Info € 117.13 2) 3) 4)
CME: E-Mini Futures only Info € 74.61 2) 3)
NYMEX: New York Mercantile Exchange
Includes E-Mini Futures
Info € 119.51 2) 3) 4)
NYMEX - E-Minis Info € 55.00 2) 3)
World Data Price
World Indices Pro
Indices from: S&P, Dow Jones, Euronext, FTSE, Nasdaq, Swiss Market
Info € 29.94 4)
World Delayed Data
Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX, LSE, Euronext, Vienna Exchange, Swiss Exchange, Virt-X, Borsa Italiana, LME, ICE, ICE US, NYMEX, CME and CBOT Cmdt, Canadian SE, - for more see "Info"
Info € 15.34
Interest Rates
includes Euribor and BBA Libor Fixings EOD
Info € 17.95
Morningstar Basic FX (Realtime) Info € 5.95
Morningstar Advanced FX (Realtime) Info € 17.85
Morningstar Premium FX (Realtime) Info € 38.68
Morningstar Premium FX (Delayed)
The Data is 15 Minutes delayed
Info € 26.78
Cryptocurrencies Info € 11.90
News Price
dpa-afx Compact - Delayed (German) Info € 26.18
dpa-AFX ProFeed Private Investor (German) Info € 42.84
dpa-afx ProFeed (German) Info € 101.15 4)
Options Price
Instrument Upgrade 600
Increase the limit of simultaneous ticking instruments to 600
Info € 20.00 1)
Instrument Upgrade 1000
Increase the limit of simultaneous ticking instruments to 1000
Info € 30.26 1) 4)
Market Profile Charttype Info € 24.95 2) 3)
Please note our refund policy and customer information. All prices are monthly subscription prices including tax ("gesetzliche Umsatzsteuer"). All services will be billed for the complete calendar month except those marked with 1). Incorrect prices may accidentially be displayed. We reserve the right to make changes to this price list without notice. Tradesignal Online Terminal is provided exclusively for non-professional users. As a professional user you can use our product Tradesignal Enterprise Edition. Your contracting party for the delivery of price data is solely TeleTrader Software GmbH, Marc-Aurel-Straße 10-12, 1010 Vienna, Austria. Tradesignal GmbH is only acting as a proxy. After completing your order all contractually required documents will be sent digitally to you in PDF format.

1) In the registration month, the service will be calculated proportionately.
2) This product will be available after your order was confirmed by the customer service.
3) The submission of a signed contract is required.
4) This service may include a service that you have already subscribed to as a stand-alone service. Subscriptions and billing of included services ends automatically at the end of the calendar month. An early cancellation and refunding is not possible due to the settlement modalities of the stock exchanges.

Valid from: 3/4/2021