Tradesignal Online Terminal - Basic Service

This is a prerequisite for all other services on
Tradesignal Online Terminal is a Trading application for your desktop, providing its own, Realtime-Push data feed.
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The Basic Service includes the Tradesignal Online Terminal application as well as data and news from the following sources: In addition to the application you receive a basic offer of data supply and news:

  • Deutsche Börse Indices (delayed)
  • Xetra and Frankfurt (delayed)
  • Eurex (delayed)
  • Currency Pairs (realtime)
  • News from Hugin and euro adhoc (in German)
  • Max. 300 simultaneous refreshing security papers
  • Advanced Decline Instruments for various Indizes (delayed) *
  • Xetra Kassamarkt Level 2** (delayed)
  • Eurex Level 2** (delayed)
  • Metals from pro aurum
  • STX GLOBAL 150 (delayed) - (replaces MSCI World Index)
  • After hours dealing data from Tradegate (realtime)***
  • World Data in EOD (No Intraday charting possible)
  • Indication Data from Deutsche Bank for Commodities and Indices in Realtime

  • * Advanced Decline Instruments are currently for free, but it could be, that some of them, depending on the law of the exchanges, without further notice become fee required or will be no longer available.
    The Advance Decline Instruments are in realtime, if you have a subscribtion the depending exchange. If not they are delayed.
    ** If the Level 1 data package is ordered, the delayed Level 2 data will be removed
    *** At Tradegate you find a wide range of shares at the after hours dealing (realtime). Please click here for more information:

    Data History is:
  • Daily - 10 years or more
  • Intraday - up to 5 Years
  • Tickdata - up to 12 Days

  • Specification:
    Tradesignal Online Terminal is an application for technical Chartanalyses. The displayed data quality depends on the chosen data services and could be End of Day, Delayed or Realtimedata. Tradesignal Online Terminal displays historical and live quotations in charts or lists. The User can use tools for highlighting special candle formation.
    The Scanner is used for searching large symbol lists according to defined criteria. The Watchlist in offers various functions for monitoring stocks in real-time. It is especially helpful for monitoring "ticking" instruments, i.e. instruments with currently changing quotations. The Portfolio is a basket of securities that are traded by one or more trading systems.
    The Position Manager is the central hub for trading system information and the optimizer is one of the software's most important functions. tradesignal include numerous of Indicators and strategies, that can be applied to charts, watchlists or portfolios. Via a website many additional indicators or strategies can be added. The tradesignal news reader uses a split display to show recent headlines in the top pane, and the selected story in the bottom pane. With the programming language Equilla, tradesignal offers you an easy to learn but powerful programming language. With its help, you can easily perform even complex tasks.
    Unit- and Currency Conversions can be made easily with the properties inspector.
    By using integrated interfaces it is possible to im- and export data or, symbolists into other applications like MSExcel.
    It is possible to create your own Userdefined Contracts. Automatic order routing is the routing