Advanced Installation Options

Advanced Options during Installation
The information in this article is only relevant for system administrators who need to use different settings or additional features of Tradesignal.

During installation of Tradesignal you can select Show the advanced installation options page (recommended only for administrators) which allows you to specify some additional options.

Password Protect DACS ID

With this option you can select a password for the DACS ID.

Data Paths

You can change both the application data and the user data path.

If you leave either of these fields blank, the default settings will be used.

Shared DataConnect Settings

You can specify the file location of an INI file containing connection settings for the Tradesignal DataConnect and external data sources. This way there is a central point at which to configure connection settings for all your installations and new installations are easily configured to use your existing data sources.

This option sets the registry key HKLM\Software\SystemSoft\TradeSignalEnterprise\ConnectionSettingsFile.

Update Web Service

This allows you to specify an URL which is to be checked periodically for updates of Tradesignal.

If you select this option, the registry key HKLM\Software\SystemSoft\TradeSignalEnterprise\SiteUpdateService will be set.