Like the guide line and other tools, the arrow helps you to illustrate special situations in charts. This, in addition with analysis tools, allows you to create more meaningful charts.

You can find the arrow tool in the Chart Tools group in the toolbar.

Entering an Arrow

  1. Open a symbol chart.
  2. Click on the arrow tool in the toolbar.
  3. Click into the chart to set the starting point.
  4. Keep the mouse button pressed while moving the pointer to the end point, and release it there.
At the start point, a text box appears. It includes general chart information and analysis results (open, high, low...) for the data encompassed by the arrow.

You can align the anchor points of the arrow to a certain price level. To do so, activate the Snap Mode by clicking on the magnet symbol in the toolbar. Now when you draw an arrow in the chart, it is positioned exactly at high and/or low points.

Editing an Arrow

  • To move the arrow, drag it with the mouse (the mouse pointer turns into a hand symbol) and move it freely. Release the mouse button when done. Note that although the text box will move with the arrow, the text box contents will not be refreshed. This might mislead you in interpretation.
  • To change the arrow angle, click an anchor point of the arrow (the mouse pointer turns into an x-y axis symbol) and drag it to another position.
Note that the arrow cannot be moved freely if the Snap Mode is active. If necessary, switch it off by clicking the magnet symbol in the toolbar.
  • You can duplicate an arrow by double-clicking on it.
  • When the arrow is selected, you can edit the properties in the toolbox.
  • To delete the arrow, right-click on it and select Delete from the context menu. Alternatively, select the trend line and press the DEL key.


User Text - Here you can enter a title for the text box, which will be displayed as its header line.

Width - Here you can enter the thickness of the arrow in pixel, e.g. "3".

Arrowhead Angle - Here you can set how narrow (small number) or wide (high number) the arrowhead will be.

Arrowhead Size - Here you can set the length of the arrowhead.

Step Mode - Here you can select whether the line between the start and end point is to be straight or stepped (bent shortly below the end point).

Arrowhead Shape - Here you can select between four different shapes, e.g. "triangular".

Style - Here you can select the line style of the arrow, e.g. "Dot".

Arrow Border Color - Here you can edit the arrow color.

Arrow Fill Color - Here you can edit the fill color for the arrowhead.

Autotext - Here you can set how many details are displayed in the text box. The box can include basic chart information or also indicator data etc.

Autotext Fill Color - Here you can edit the background color for the text box.

Autotext Color - Here you can edit the text color in the text box.

Guide Line - Select if the guide line should always be visible. Otherwise it will be temporarily displayed to help you setting the exact arrow's end point.