Bar Chart

A Bar Chart
Bar charts are among the most common chart types and give information about open, high, low and close prices, price developments and the magnitude of price movements.

The bar chart can be set as the default chart type in Tradesignal, see chapter Chart.

Trading Information in Bar Charts

A Single Bar
The following information is available in a bar chart:
  • The highest price, given by the top point of the bar
  • The lowest price, given by the lowest point of the bar
  • The open price, given by the left vertical line
  • The close price, given by the right vertical line
  • The direction of the price movement, given by the relative positions of the left and right vertical lines. If the left one is below the right one, prices have risen during the trading period. Otherwise, prices have fallen.
  • The direction of the price movement, given by the color of the bars. The usual color setting is red for falling and black for rising prices. The colors can be edited in the chart properties.
  • The strength of the price movement, given by the total length of the bar (difference between high and low).

General Chart Properties

When the chart is active, you can edit the chart properties in the toolbox, for example the history length, the axes and legends.

You can also
  • set the trading period, see the chapter Timespans and Periods. Note that it is not possible to use bar charts when using ticks as periods.
  • change the time span. In this case, several bars of a time span are combined to a "meta bar" to display the trading activity of several periods. For example, if you choose "Current Quarter", three meta bars based on the monthly dates are displayed.
  • change the chart look, see the chapter Chart Properties.

Content-Dependent Chart Settings

In the properties of the displayed stock (symbol), you can find additional parameters. Besides the Standard Properties, you can find specific parameters for this chart type.

Bars Properties

Bullish Color - Here you can select a color and transparency for upward bars.

Bearish Color - Here you can select a color and transparency for downward bars.