The ellipse is a simple drawing object. Typically ellipses are used for highlighting the expansion of a consolidation zone, based on the idea of a harmonic price movement.

You can find the ellipse tool in the Chart Tools group in the toolbar.

Entering an Ellipse

  1. Open a symbol chart.
  2. Click on the ellipse line tool in the toolbar.
  3. Click into the chart to set the anchor point.
  4. Keep the mouse button pressed and draw the ellipse. Release the mouse button when done.

Editing an Ellipse

  • To move the ellipse, drag it with the mouse (the mouse pointer turns into a hand symbol) and move it freely. Release the mouse button when done.
  • You can duplicate an ellipse by double-clicking on it.
  • When the ellipse is selected, you can edit the properties in the toolbox.
  • To delete the ellipse, right-click on it and select Delete from the context menu. Alternatively, select the ellipse and press the DEL key.


Fill Color - Here you can set up which color and opacity you want to use for the ellipse area. The higher the opacity, the lower the transparency, i.e. the less you can see the original chart behind it.

Border Color - Here you can set the border color of the ellipse.