Forest Chart

Forest Chart
Forest charts are histograms. For each input value in the timeline, a bar (also called "needle") is drawn.

Forest charts are not useful for detailed symbol analysis, as too much information is lost in this kind of charting. They are more commonly used for indicators, where relative changes per day can be emphasized by needles in different colors.

In Tradesignal, forest charts can be used for:
  • symbol prices (by selecting the entry in the chart menu)
  • the trading Volume (in the stock properties in the toolbox; this is available as an addition for every chart type)
  • indicators; however, for those, the equilla scripts have to be adapted. You can find a tutorial for doing so in the chapter Displaying a Momentum Indicator as Forest Chart.

General Chart Properties

When the chart is active, you can edit the chart properties in the toolbox, for example the history length, the axes and legends.

You can also

Content-Dependent Chart Settings

In the properties of the displayed stock (symbol), you can find additional parameters. Besides the Standard Properties, you can find specific parameters for this chart type.

Instrument Properties

Input - Select which data to use for calculating the chart (Open, High, Close, Low, Volume).

Histogram Properties

Histogram Color - Here you can select a color for the histogram bars.