Forward Curve

Forward Curve in Tradesignal
A Forward Curve in Tradesignal allows commodity traders to obtain a visualization of the forward or futures prices on a given date for a given commodity.

The Forward Curve plots the current price of a given forward contract against the expiration date of the contract. The current prices or prices from any previous day may be plotted in such a way.

Forward Curves are available in Tradesignal, making them usable in the same way as other charts, i.e. you can apply indicators and strategies to them.

Forward Curves in Tradesignal

Creating a Forward Curve Chart

Forward Curve Wizard
You can access the Forward Curve Wizard from the Toolbar by clicking on the Forward Curve button in the Insert tab. It allows you to select symbol lists containing commodities or other futures and set the Date alignment and Displacement properties.

You can also drag a symbol list of commodities onto a chart, this will prompt you if you want to create a Forward Curve or insert all symbols contained in the list into the chart. If you enter the symbol shortcut for a continuous contract, e.g. "Sc1" for a contract series for soy beans, into the command line, you can select the option New Forward Curve from the drop-down menu.

You can also create a forward curve from a user-defined list of forward contract symbols. Please be aware that for this feature to work, it will be necessary to manually mark existing user-defined lists as supporting forward curves using the Allow Forward Curves option in the list's context menu.

If you want to display the names of each contract as a label near each price point, you can apply the supplied Forward Curve Label indicator.

Properties of a Forward Curve Chart

You can edit the properties of a Forward Curve chart either during its creation in the wizard or use the property inspector in the Toolbox.

There are two properties specific to Forward Curves:
  • Date Alignment - The expiry date of each contract will be aligned according to this setting, useful if you want to align multiple different forward curves.
  • Displacement - The displacement property governs what value to show for each contract in the forward curve. A value of 0 means use the current value, 1 means use the value of the previous bar, etc.