Guide Line

Guide Line
The guide line is a tool for marking events in a trading period. With it, you can easily emphasize a candle, a bar or the signal of an indicator. In Tradesignal, the guide line comes with a date label.

You can find the guide line in the Chart Tools group in the toolbar.

Entering a Guide Line

  1. Open a symbol chart.
  2. Click on the guide line tool in the toolbar.
  3. Click into the chart to set the anchor point of the guide line.
The guide line is drawn into the graph. The default setting of the tool is that a guide line drawn in a chart will be displayed in all subcharts. However, you can move or delete this guide line only in the chart in which it was originally drawn, because only there can you take hold of it with the mouse.

You can align the guide line to a certain price level. To do so, activate the Snap Mode by clicking on the magnet symbol in the toolbar. Now when you draw the guide line in the chart, it is positioned exactly at high and/or low points.

Editing a Guide Line

  • To move the guide line, drag it with the mouse (the mouse pointer turns into a vertical double arrow symbol) and move it freely. Release the mouse button when done.
Note that the guide line cannot be moved freely if the Snap Mode is active. If necessary, switch it off by clicking the magnet symbol in the toolbar.
  • You can duplicate a guide line by double-clicking on it.
  • When the guide line is selected, you can edit the properties in the toolbox.
  • To delete the guide line, right-click on it and select Delete from the context menu. Alternatively, select the trend line and press the DEL key.


Color - Here you can edit the line color, e.g. to red.

Style - Here you can edit the line style, e.g. set it to "Dot".

Width - Here you change the thickness of the guide line in pixel, e.g. to "3".

Scope - Here you can select whether the guide line is displayed only in the graph in which it was drawn or in all of them (default).

Label - Here you can select whether the data point label with date and time (for shorter periods) is visible or hidden in the chart. In Tradesignal you can also specify the the text orientation.

Label Alignment - Here you can select at which location the label should be displayed.