IEquillaExtension Interface

An extension object must implement the IEquillaExtension interface so that Tradesignal will recognize the object as a valid extension.
interface IEquillaExtension
    void Attach(IEquillaHost Host);
    void Detach();
When an object is first created the Attach() method will be called by Tradesignal with a Host object as the only parameter. The majority of initialization should be performed in the Attach() method rather than the objects constructor. The Host object is a thread-safe object that allows an extension module to communicate with the hosting chart or list.

When the Equilla script that declares the extension object is removed from a chart or list, the Detach() method will be called, allowing the extension object to preform clean-up. The majority of the clean-up of the object should be done in the Detach() method rather than the objects destructor.