IEquillaHost Interface

The interface provides access to methods on the chart or list that is hosting the extension object.
interface IEquillaHost
    void ScheduleEvaluation( bool Incremental );
    string TimeZone { get; }
    int OwnerHandle { get; }
The IEquillaHost interface is implemented by the Host object that is passed to each extension module shortly after creation. The Host object is thread-safe (neutral threaded) and may be passed between and used from various threads without restriction.

void ScheduleEvaluation( bool Incremental )

Call this method to instruct the hosting chart or list to perform a new evaluation of the Equilla script that created the extension object. This method is non-blocking and the evaluation will occur in the near future in much the same way as if a tick had been received.

If Incremental is set to true only the current bar will be reevaluated, if Incremental is set to false, the entire price history and any dependencies will be reevaluated.

Please note: Performing frequent non-incremetal evaluations will result in a severe reduction in system performance.

string TimeZone

Returns the current application timezone in Windows Timezone ID Format. This string can be be used directly by the .NET System.TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById() method.
System.TimeZoneInfo equillaTimeZone = System.TimeZoneInfo.FindSystemTimeZoneById( Host.TimeZone );

int OwnerHandle

Returns the windows handle of an object that may be used as the parent of any windows that the extension object wants to show.
// Helper object to convert a windows ID to a IWin32Window object.
class WindowWrapper : IWin32Window
    public WindowWrapper( int handle )
        Handle = new IntPtr( handle );

    public IntPtr Handle { get; private set; }

// Show a message box that is owned by the Tradesignal application
System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show( new WindowWrapper( Host.OwnerHandle ), "A message from an extension" );