Keyboard Shortcuts

Many functions in Tradesignal can be called up by using keyboard shortcuts. You can find a complete list of all shortcuts in the following tables.

General Application

DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
Jump to Command LineF2
Start Symbol SearchF3
Start Print PreviewCtrl + P
Open / Close the toolbarCtrl + F1
Open / Close the property inspector in the toolboxCtrl + F2
Delete text, documents, or elements in documentsDel

Navigation in the Chart

DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
Move up price axisArrow up
Move down price axisArrow down
Move time axis to the rightArrow to the right
Move time axis to the leftArrow to the left
Zoom in price axisShift + Arrow up
Zoom out price axisShift + Arrow down
Zoom out time axisShift + Arrow to the right
Zoom in time axisShift + Arrow to the left
Page up price axisCtrl + Arrow up
Page down price axisCtrl + Arrow down
Page time axis to the rightCtrl + Arrow to the right
Page time axis to the leftCtrl + Arrow to the left
Toggle between subchartsPage up
Toggle between subchartsPage down
Jump to the beginning of the chartPos1
Jump to the end of the chartEnd
Magnetic mode for drawing toolsF6
Show standard time spanF8
Show complete time spanCtrl + F8


DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
Arrange workspacesF9
Go to previous workspaceCtrl + Q
Go to next workspaceCtrl + W
Toggle between full view (maximized) and normal viewF4
Reload data (like chart, scanner, browser)F5
Reload data in all workspace elementsCtrl + F5
Go to next workspace elementCtrl + Tab
Go to previous workspace elementCtrl + Shift + Tab
Open new workspaceCtrl + N
Create new Equilla strategyCtrl + Shift + N, S
Create new Equilla indicatorCtrl + Shift + N, I
Create new Equilla functionCtrl + Shift + N, F
Open dialog for opening workspaces or packagesCtrl + O
Save workspaceCtrl + S
Close active workspace elementCtrl + F4
Close active workspaceCtrl + Shift + F4


DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
Select all (for text, Equilla code, tables)Ctrl + A
Copy selected document, text, Equilla code or table elementCtrl + C
Cut selected document, text, Equilla code or table elementCtrl + X
Insert clipboard contents into active documentCtrl + V
Repeat last clipboard actionCtrl + Y
Undo last clipboard actionCtrl + Z

Programming and Debugging

DescriptionKeyboard Shortcut
Compile Equilla codeF7
Toggle comments for the selected codeCtrl + K, C
Search for textCtrl + F
Search and replace textCtrl + H
Jump to a specific line numberCtrl + G
Pause the debuggerPause
Continue executionF5
Restart executionCtrl + Shift + F5
Step overF10
Step inF11
Step outShift + F11
Quick watchShift + F9
Toggle breakpointF9
Enable/disable breakpointCtrl + F9
Open related functionF12
Save indicators, trading systems or Equilla functionsCtrl + Shift + S
Show all available functionsCtrl + Space
Show all available variables for a functionCtrl + Shift + Space