Line Chart

Line Chart
Line charts are a classic type of chart, in which data points are connected by a line, e.g. physical data in axes of coordinates. The line chart can be set as the default chart type in Tradesignal, see chapter Chart.

In Tradesignal, line charts are used for displaying:
  • time lines for symbols, e.g. for Open, High, Low or Close
  • indicator results
  • performance development of a trading system
  • additional information like fundamental data and market depth indices.
The line chart is the simplest chart type for stocks. From trading period to trading period, the line is extended for new prices.

For symbols, the lines are usually drawn for closing prices.

General Chart Properties

When the chart is active, you can edit the chart properties in the toolbox, for example the history length, the axes and legends.

You can also

Content-Dependent Chart Settings

In the properties of the displayed stock (symbol), you can find additional parameters. Besides the Standard Properties, you can find specific parameters for this chart type.

Instrument Properties

Input - Select which data to use for calculating the chart (Open, High, Close, Low, Volume).

Line Properties

Color - Here you can select a color for the line.

Width - Here you can set a line width by entering a number.

Style - Here you can select a line style, e.g. solid or dotted.

Shadow - Here you can set a shadow for emphasizing the line with a 3D effect. Four settings are available.