The news reader
News is an important tool for the fundamental chartist to have at their disposal and can be accessed from Tradesignal Standard Edition either from a traditional news reader or as a study within a chart. Tradesignal allows you to view both realtime news from your data feed and also to subscribe to RSS sources available via the Internet or a local intranet.

The Tradesignal news reader uses a split display to show recent headlines in the top pane, and the selected story in the bottom pane. The window sizes can easily be adjusted by dragging the separator between the two panes.

Use the news tools to:
  • View realtime news as it happens
  • View current news for a specific security
  • View historic news in your charts
  • Connect to RSS feeds to view any event-based information

News Setup

You can view news stories in one of the following ways:
  1. To view all recent news headlines, click on the News button in the Insert tab of the toolbar.
  2. To view all headlines for a specific security, right-click on a security in a chart, watchlist, portfolio, scanner or symbol list to show the context menu, then select the option Open, entry News.
  3. To view news stories in a chart, drag & drop the News indicator from the toolbox onto a security in your chart.

Linking the news reader to a watchlist or chart

If you want to link a news reader so that it displays relevant news depending on what is currently selected in a watchlist or chart, do the following:
  1. Right-click on the tab above the chart or watchlist and pick a color under the Symbol Link menu.
  2. Click on News in the Insert tab of the toolbar to display a news reader.
  3. Right-click on the tab above the news reader and pick the same color link you chose in the chart or watchlist.
The headline list will now only show stories related to the selected item in the watchlist or chart. To change the displayed headline, just select a new item in your watchlist, or replace the item in your chart.

Working with news in a chart

By applying the news indicator to a security in a chart as described above, you will get a historic overview of headlines related to that security displayed as hyperlinks above the bar on which the news was published. Just click on one of the hyperlinks to open a news reader in which you will see the full news story.

The news indicator is written in Equilla using the news API. Programmers can make use of this API to create their own indicators or indeed trading strategies based around realtime news. Please refer to the Equilla help system within Tradesignal for more information on this API.

Formatting Options

The following settings can be used to customize the news window to your preference:

Back color - Change the background color for news headlines and stories.

Text color - Change the text color.

Font size - Change the size of the text in headlines and stories.

Show time - Displays the time of the news story in the headline list.

Show source - Displays the source (feed) of the news story in the headline list.

Browser alignment - Display the headline list to the top, right, bottom or left of the news story pane.

Filter Options

Show - All available news headlines; Headlines for a selected symbol; Stories for a given symbol on a specific day.

Symbol - Displays the currently selected security for which headlines are shown.

Days - How many days of headlines should be displayed.

Keywords - Show only headlines containing the entered keywords. RSS Feeds - Displays how frequently (in seconds) the headlines from RSS feeds should be updated.

Note: You can save these settings as default by clicking on the small disk icon above the settings in the property inspector. Alternatively, you can create a news reader style by selecting Home > Style > Styles > Create Style from the Format group on the toolbar.