Package and File Management

Packages correspond to folders on the computer and offer some additional functions for organizing and managing your data.

You can use packages for the following:
  • Setting up a folder structure in the Tradesignal data folder
  • Sharing data with other users
  • Saving data for backup
  • Export Data
The following data can be saved in a package:
  • Indicators
  • Strategies
  • Functions
  • Templates
  • Saved workspaces
Packages are compressed on export to reduce the file size. Equilla functions are automatically added to the package if necessary.

When working with packages, please remember that they correspond to physical folders on your computer. Therefore, you can - by intention or by accident - rename, move or delete these folders with a program like the Windows Explorer. The result of such actions may be that the packages are no longer visible in the package management of Tradesignal. As long as the folders still exist, however, you can set up packages again, see the section Package Management in the Tradesignal Options.

New Package

  • In the toolbox, click on New Package in the area Related Tasks to set up a new, empty package. A file dialog appears in which you can either choose an existing folder or set up a new one via the button New Folder.
  • Alternatively, you can set up a new package by way of its contents, as shown in the following example.

Example: Setting up new indicators in a new package

  1. Click the button Indicators in the toolbox.
  2. Click on New Indicator in the Related Tasks area. The Create Item Wizard opens.
  3. Choose the option Download an existing indicator from Tradesignal Online.
  4. Select one or more indicators.
  5. Confirm with the button Done.
  6. You can then either save the new indicators in an existing package or in a new one by clicking the button New Package. Start a new package.
Tradesignal sets up a new folder in which it saves the downloaded indicators. The new folder can be managed with the package and folder management in Tradesignal and also with the normal folder functions of the Windows file system.

Show and Hide Packages

With the help of packages you cannot only set up a file system with a subfolder structure, but also organize the contents of the toolbox windows. For the latter, however, the packages have to be displayed.

You can toggle the package display by clicking on Show/Hide Packages in the Related Tasks area.
  • If packages are shown, the objects (indicators, strategies, workspaces or Equilla functions) are sorted by packages. This is of little importance as long as you are only using the packages provided by Tradesignal.
  • If packages are hidden, all objects are listed alphabetically without any further breakdown.

Move Package Contents

You can move contents like indicators or functions between packages. For this, the packages have to be displayed.
  1. Open a tool window in the toolbox, for example Indicators.
  2. Select an entry in the list and drag and drop it from one folder to the other.
The entry (e.g. the indicator) is moved between the Tradesignal packages as well as physically between the folders on the computer.

Export or Mail Packages

Export a package
Packages can be exported. During export, the folder with all its contents (workspaces, indicators etc.) and all necessary Equilla functions is saved as a compressed file. You can then use this file as a local backup or mail it to other users for sharing.
  1. Select File > Options > Folders > Packages > Export Package file. A dialog opens.
  2. In the Choose Package area to the left, select the folder to be exported. The list will show all folders that are registered by Tradesignal. (It is possible that folders below the main folder Tradesignal Files will not be shown because they were hidden in the package management, see below.)

Set the Export Option

Select what you want to have exported:
  • Export source code and compiled code - Select this option if the source code should be included, e.g. when sharing the package content with another user.
  • Export only compiled code - Select this option if the source code should not be included upon export, e.g. if you want to share the data with other users without giving them access to the original source code.
  • Make exported packages read-only when imported - If you select this option, the contents of the package cannot be edited after import.

Set the Export Route

  • Send via E-Mail - If you select this and then click the Export button, your default mail program will be opened and the file will be attached to a new mail.
  • Export file - Select this if you want to save the file to your computer. '''
  • Browse and selecting another one (or changing the file name). Click the Export button to start the export.

Import Package

Import a package
An exported package can be imported into Tradesignal. For this, the package file has to be available on the hard drive of your computer or on a removable storage drive that can be accessed from your computer.

You can import a package by double-clicking on it in Windows Explorer. (If you received the package as an E-Mail attachment, you can either save it on your desktop or import it directly into Tradesignal by double-clicking on it.)

Alternatively, you can select File > Options > Folders > Packages > Import package file. Select the package file in the file dialog and confirm the import.

The program then decompresses the data in the package file and creates a new folder with the package name below the main folder Tradesignal Files. The new folder will appear in the toolbox window and the package management.

Package Management in the Tradesignal Options

Package management in the Tradesignal Options
Tradesignal offers you several functions for the management of packages.

To access these functions, navigate to the File > Options > Folders > Packages area.

You have the following options:
  • Add a new package
  • Attach to an existing package - Access a previously hidden package. In this case, a file dialog opens in which you can find and select the package.
  • Remove - If you select a package and click the X next to it, you can either choose
    • Remove this package, but leave its contents untouched so that other users can still access them. In this case the package is only removed from the folder structure in Tradesignal but the physical folder is still available.
    • Remove this package and permanently delete its contents. In this case, all data will be removed from Tradesignal and also physically deleted from the hard drive.
  • Rename - Select the package a click the edit (pen) icon. The function renames both the package and the folder on the hard drive.
  • Move up/Move down - With these buttons you can change the folder sequence in Tradesignal. Note that if you have functions/indicators/strategies of the same name in different folders, changes in sequence may have effects on the processing order. When compiling an indicator/strategy, Tradesignal tries to find the necessary functions/indicators in the same package. If they cannot be found there, all packages are searched according to the given sequence, and the first find is used for the compilation.
  • Alert on Update - Check the box if you want to be alerted to updates to the package. In combination with the checkbox File > Options > Alerts > Package Alerts > Show updates to packages as a top-most dialog with refresh option this allows you to refresh packages as soon as they are updated.
  • Refresh contents of all packages - The contents of the package folders are checked by Tradesignal only upon start. Therefore, if Tradesignal is running and files are changed outside of Tradesignal (added, renamed, or deleted), you need to click Refresh so that the package contents are updated in Tradesignal. This is especially important in cases such as:
    • While Tradesignal was running, you received a workspace attached to an E-mail and saved it into a package folder.
    • You are working with packages on a network drive and other users changed the package contents.
  • You can find the Refresh function also in the context menu of packages in the toolbox.
  • As a partial alternative to package management in the Tradesignal options, you can also create, rename or delete packages in the Open dialog. You can call up this dialog by opening the file menu and selecting Open, or by pressing the key combination Ctrl + O.