Price Editor

Price Editor
Price data can be obtained from various sources. On the one hand, data is supplied to the software from the default data provider via the Internet, on the other hand data can be imported via a data interface, as text files or in other data formats.

When receiving data, errors may happen and make it necessary to edit the price data manually. Use the Price Editor to:
  • enter stock splits retroactively
  • rectify faulty ticks and corrupt data records
The Price Editor is available in the Chart, Scanner and Portfolio.

Open the Price Editor

  • Click on the button Edit Prices under Home > Data on the Toolbar.
  • Alternatively, open the context menu of the documents and select Edit Price.
The Price Editor opens. The Prices group appears in the toolbar.

Edit Data

Change Data

You can edit the values of a line (single trading period).
  • Double-click the line.
  • Alternatively, right-click the line and select Edit from the context menu.

Delete Data

You can delete lines (single trading periods) from the price table.
  • Select one or more lines and press the Del key.
  • Alternatively, right-click the selected lines and select Delete Row(s) from the context menu.
Depending on file size, the process may take several minutes, as backups are created.

Enter Stock Splits

You can enter stock splits manually, if the data provider offers no corrected data or if you downloaded data without split correction from the Internet.
  1. Select the lines you want to edit.
  2. Open the split function by clicking the Split button in the symbol bar or selecting the entry Split in the context menu.
Select a Data Adjustment Mode:
  • Absolute - The value is subtracted from the selected prices.
  • Relative - Here you can enter a multiplier or the split ratio. Many stocks are split in a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio. The preview window displays the effects of the entered split settings on example data.
Click OK to save the settings and start the process. The data is changed. This may take a few minutes.

Reset Changes

Changed or deleted prices can be reset to their original values at any time (with the exception of DataConnect data). Tradesignal keeps backups of the data.
  1. Select one or more lines with changed data. Changed data are underlined in orange in the table.
  2. Open the context menu and select Reset Edited Data. The program restores the backup and overwrites the changes.

Difference between Local Data and Tradesignal DataConnect

Tradesignal DataConnect is a product from Tradesignal that collects and organizes data from many commercial data feeds. It is only relevant to Tradesignal institutional users.

The functions described above are available for local data or data offered from the provider, and also for the price data of DataConnect.

The sole difference is that in the case of DataConnect data, no backup and data restoration is available. If you want to change DataConnect data, save the data as personal backup before editing it.