Seasonal Chart

A Seasonal Chart
With the seasonal mode, Tradesignal offers you the ability to overlay the prices of different years for one or more symbols. Comparing the symbols this way emphasizes seasonal pattern, e.g. if used with commodities that have seasonal variations.

Properties of a Seasonal Chart

If enabled, the seasonal properties group will be displayed in the chart properties, allowing you to customize the seasonal view:
  • End Month - Specify the end month on the seasonal date scale.
  • End Day - Specify which day of the month should be the final day on the seasonal date scale.
  • Preceding Months - Specify how many preceding months until the end month should be displayed on the seasonal date scale.
  • Displacement - Use this setting to display the symbols displaced, so that they align to the selected end day with/without any weekend gaps closed.

Seasonal Chart Wizard

Seasonal Chart Wizard
The Seasonal Chart Wizard in Tradesignal, which is found in the Toolbar, allows you to select a list of futures and to display them in a seasonal chart with the option of adding a Seasonal Average Indicator which shows the average price across all contracts in the contract series.


Example on how to compare expired wheat future contracts in seasonal mode:
  1. Open a chart with the expired December wheat contract from 2007, W 2007Z.
  2. Add a previous year contract which also expired in December, e.g. W 2006Z.
  3. Select the chart. In the chart properties of the date axis, change the Mode property to Seasonal.
The symbols will now be displayed below each other.