Symbol Chart

Symbol Chart
The symbol chart is a variation of a normal line chart, displaying the chosen input (open, close, high...) as unconnected symbols. Several symbol types can be set for the display.

General Chart Properties

When the chart is active, you can edit the chart properties in the toolbox, for example the history length, the axes and legends.

You can also

Content-Dependent Chart Settings

In the properties of the displayed stock (symbol), you can find additional parameters. Beside the Standard Properties, you can find specific parameters for this chart type.

Instrument Properties

Input - Select which data to use for calculating the chart (Open, High, Close, Low, Volume).

Dotted Line Properties

Style - Here you can select a symbol style, e.g. circles, squares etc.

Size - Here you can set the symbol size.

Border Color - Here you can select a border color for the symbol.

Fill Color - Here you can select a fill color for the symbol.