Symbol Search

The symbol search is a useful tool to keep an overview of all the securities available on markets around the world. You can use the sophisticated Tradesignal symbol search for the following:
  • Searching for unknown symbols
  • Assembling symbol lists with securities of similar categories

Start the Symbol Search

Symbol Search
There are several ways to start the symbol search:
  • Click the Search button in the toolbar.
  • Press the key F3.
  • Open the context menu of a symbol list and select the entry New Symbol, then the option Standard Symbol.
  • In the toolbox, start a New Symbol List, select the option User-defined Symbol List and click the Add button in the next window.
A search window opens in which you can further define your search terms. Please note that the available search options depend on the used data provider.

Market and Exchange

By selecting a specific market sector, you can limit the search and result list, for example to avoid finding Wheat Future when you are actually searching for a bond starting with "WHE".

All market sectors like bonds, call options, futures, certificates etc. are available. The standard setting is All Market Sectors.

In the Exchange list you can find all exchanges offered by your data provider.

Search a Name or Symbol

Here you can limit the search scope further. Enter the (first) letters of the name or symbol. You can search for the following options (to the right of the entry field):

All Fields - Search all fields (default setting).

Only Name - Search by security name. Example: For "WHE", "Anywhere MD" might be found, although its symbol is "ANWM PNK".

Only Symbol - Search by symbol. Example: For "WHE", "WHE GER" might be found, although the security name is "Pacific Textil Holdings".

Only ISIN - Search by ISIN (International Securities Identification Number).

Use the Search Results

Use the Search Result Directly

Symbol Actions
When you start the search with the Search button in the toolbar or by pressing F3, you can only select a single symbol. You have the choice of actions to perform with the security.

You can open the following new documents: Chart, Market Depth, Scanner, Watchlist, Portfolio, Market Profile.

Alternatively, you can insert the symbol into the selected element of the workspace, e.g. a chart. This can be done in the following four ways:

Insert the symbol into the selected workspace item - Select this to add the found item as a second symbol in a chart, for example.

Insert the symbol into the selected workspace item with a new date scale - Select this to add the new symbol, for example as a subchart with its own date scale.

Replace the symbol in the selected workspace item - Select this to substitute the new symbol for the original symbol.

Replace all symbols in the selected workspace item - Select this to substitute the new symbol for the original symbols, for example in several charts.

Add Search Results to a Symbol List

Adding several symbols to a list
If you search via the Add New Symbol List link and the option User-Defined Symbol List, you can add more than one symbol.

If you fill a new symbol list, you have to enter a name for it.
  • Click the Add button to add the current result to the symbol list without closing the search window.
  • Click the Close button to end the search. The new symbols are displayed in the symbol list.
If you set up a new list, confirm the selection with Done.

Example: Set up a new list with oil bonds

  1. Start a new symbol list by clicking on New Symbol List in the Related Task area.
  2. Choose the option User-defined Symbol List. A new dialog opens.
  3. Enter the name Oil Securities.
  4. Click the Add button to start the symbol search.
  5. Search securities with the name part "Oil".
  6. Select the top symbols from the list by keeping the Shift key pressed while clicking, and confirm with Close.
The program returns to the list in the Symbol List wizard. Click Done to finish. In the symbol list manager, you can now find the new list "Oil Securities".