With the text tool, you can enter notes or captions into a chart, e.g. before publishing it in the Tradesignal web forum.

You can find the text tool in the Chart Tools group in the toolbar.

Entering Text

  1. Open a symbol chart.
  2. Click on the text tool in the toolbar.
  3. Click into the chart. A text field with four anchor points appears.
Now you can enter the text.

Editing Text

  • To edit the text, click on it with the mouse (so that it is selected) and then click once again, so that the text field is highlighted. Now you can edit the text.
  • To move the text, drag it with the mouse (the mouse pointer turns into a hand symbol) and move it freely. Release the mouse button when done.
  • You can duplicate the text by double-clicking it.
  • When the text is selected, you can edit the text properties in the toolbox.
  • To delete the text, right-click on it and select Delete from the context menu. Alternatively, select the text and press the DEL key.


Font - Here you can change the font type and size, e.g. to "Arial bold 10".

Color - Here you can change the text color, e.g. to red.

Background - Here you can set a background color and opacity for the text object, e.g. black.

Frame - Here you can select whether you want to display a frame (in the same color as the text) around the text.

Anchor - Here you can select how the text is placed in relation to the chart data. Choose an option from the drop-down list.