Tradesignal data in Excel

Extending Equilla via COM-API Extensions allows you to get periodically updated data from Tradesignal into your Excel spreadsheets.

In Tradesignal 7, we've added a COM-API extension LiveExport and indicator of the same name to help you accomplish this. The extension enables the indicator to write price data into an Access database file which can be imported into an Excel worksheet. To get periodic updates to the data displayed, you can specify how often Excel updates from the database.

Writing data from a chart to an Access database

Equilla Extension options in Tradesignal
  1. Make sure that COM-API extensions are enabled, File > Options > Advanced > Equilla Extension.
  2. Apply indicator LiveExport from the Tradesignal package to an instrument or indicator on a chart.
  3. Set path and table name prefix in the properties of the indicator. You can use macros for some commonly used folders on your machine, see source code of the indicator for details.

Accessing database from Excel 2010

Open Mode in Excel 2010

Connection Properties in Excel 2010
  1. Data > From Access on the ribbon allows you to pick the database file and table.
  2. Make sure to pick DB_MODE_READ to open the database as read-only, otherwise Tradesignal will not be able to write to this database.
  3. In the properties of the connection, you can enable periodic refresh and change the refresh interval.