Using Templates

In templates you can save all graphic settings of a chart as well as any included indicators, strategies, and the history length as a template for future charts.

Templates are handled like documents in the toolbox. Therefore, functions like package management and color tagging are available.

Save a Template

Template manager in the toolbox
To save a template, a chart has to be active.
  1. Select Save Template in the context menu of the chart legend. Alternatively, click on Home > Style > Template > Save Template in the Toolbar.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. Either select Create in to choose an existing package for saving the template, or set up a new one.
  4. Confirm with OK to save the template.
You can find all available templates in the toolbox under the button Templates.

Apply a Template

  1. Click the button Templates in the toolbox.
  2. Drag and drop a template into a selected chart or double click on it. All previously saved settings (including the securities, parameters of indicators and strategies, and the history length) are displayed in the chart. Alternatively, choose Apply from the context menu of the template.
If you apply a template to an existing chart, the symbols of the chart are used instead of the symbols saved in the template.

Once a template has been applied to a chart, the chart is linked to that template. Any changes to the template will be automatically applied to the chart. The template used by a chart can be seen in the property inspector.

To detach a chart from its template select the chart and then click on Home > Style > Templates > Detach Template on the Toolbar.

To temporarily disable the automatic updating of charts when the template changes, uncheck the box in the options under File > Options > Advanced > Templates.

Manage Templates

In the template manager in the toolbar, you can access various functions via the context menu:
  • You can apply the template to the current chart or open it in a new chart.
  • You can rename or delete templates.
  • You can define a template as default with Set Default. The default template is then applied to all new charts. To return to the Tradesignal default, select Clear Default.
  • You can use color tags on templates.