Using Trading Strategies

A trading system is a collection of rules and functions from which trading decisions of any kind result. To this collection, rules for money and risk management are added. Modern computer software also supports the fully mechanized trade, up to the order routing to the broker. Trading systems are used to:
  • Test a set of rules for future real trade
  • Guarantee the smooth execution of trading decisions
  • Sidestep human weaknesses like fear and insecurity
  • Procure stable results based on clear rules
  • Automate trades based on a complex set of rules
  • Trade many different symbols or systems at the same time.
Tradesignal offers you a broad range of tools for the development, testing, and operation of complex trading systems:
  • Search for the most profitable and stable trading system configuration with the Optimizer.
  • Alerts issued when critical limits (values or graphic lines) are intersected in defined directions.
  • An easy start with the Trading Strategy Wizard that offers more than 300 strategies in a modular system, as well as new indicators and strategies for download from Tradesignal.
All of these tools are intended to help you configure and optimize your own systems.