Using the Help Button

With the help button File menu you can:
  • call up the help topics of Tradesignal
  • write an e-mail to support with necessary system information
  • open Tradesignal online discussion forums in the internal browser
  • show the application log file
  • search for application updates
  • get information about your current Tradesignal version

Help Topics

Show the online version of the help topics as found in the help toolbox. The help topics give you an overview of Tradesignal help. You can either manually search the tree structure for an article or you can use the input field to search for a specific keyword. In this case, a flat list of articles with those keywords is displayed. If you want to go back to the overview, click on the link Table of Contents.

Send Support Information

This function collects some data about your Tradesignal system, puts it into a ZIP file, so that it can be attached to your email to send to support. This data collection will help the support team solve your problem.

Check for Updates

Here you can check for the latest update of Tradesignal. This options is not available in all versions of Tradesignal.

About Tradesignal

Shows you information about your Tradesignal installation.