Web Browser

Web browser
The scope of the stock market is not limited to one's own office. Information from all over the world has to be gathered and exchanged with other users or colleagues. To do so, Tradesignal offers you an integrated web browser. This way, you have access to the web contents of tradesignalonline.com and every other web page in the Internet. Use the web browser for
  • surfing the Internet
  • communicating in Internet forums
  • contacting the support staff
  • displaying web-based help contents
Tradesignal also offers an HTML Editor as a language interface to JavaScript. With it, many functions of the Tradesignal software can be controlled. You can program your own tools to make working with Tradesignal easier and faster.

For information about distributing content on the Internet, for example in forums, please refer to the chapter Publishing.

Using the Web Browser

In the Insert tab in the toolbar, click on the button Web Browser. An empty web browser opens.

You can also open a web browser by entering a URL in the command line and selecting New Browser from the menu.

To replace an existing website, enter the URL in the command line and select Replace Web Page from the menu.

To navigate back and forth between sites, click on the small green arrows to the right of the entry field in the command line.

To close a browser window, either press Ctrl + F4 or open the context menu of the tab and select the entry Close [window name...].