With styles, you can edit the graphic properties of Chart, Scanner, Watchlist, Portfolio, Market Depth, and News.

You can do the following:
  • assign existing styles
  • save current settings as a new custom style
  • edit styles in style management

Apply Style

Styles button menu in the toolbar
When a document of a type listed above is open, you can find the Style area in the Toolbar.

Click on the Styles button to open the menu.
  • To apply a style to a single document, simply click on it in the list.
  • To apply a style to all currently open documents (in all workspaces), press the Ctrl key while clicking on the style.
The style is applied immediately.

Save Style

  1. Open the Styles button menu and click the entry Save Style. A dialog opens.
  2. Enter a name for the style.
  3. Enter a description (optional). This is the text that will later appear in the Styles button menu.
  4. You can choose whether this style should be used as standard for this document type. In addition, you can choose whether the style should be applied to all open documents of this type.
  5. Save the style by clicking OK.

Manage Styles

Style Management
To manage styles, open the Styles button menu and choose the entry Manage Styles. A dialog opens.

Open the tab of the document type for which you want to edit the styles.

Click the Set as Default button to use the selected style as new standard for documents of that type. If you click Clear Default, the Tradesignal standard is used again.

If you have saved your own styles, you can edit them (only name and description) and delete them.