General Questions

Packages, functions, strategies: how is the organization in Tradesignal.

In Tradesignal is every function a separated file. But it is not necessary to save the function in the same Package like the Strategy. But if you have two different functions with the same name in different Packages, Tradesignal uses the funktion from the first package. To see and change the sequence of your package, open your “Tradesignal Options” - “Packages”. Here you can see and change the sequence of your packages. (see Tradesignal help for details)

Trading spreads in Tradesignal building a new instrument from set of existing and trading it.

To create a spread, you can enter a equilla formular direcly into the commandline. (e.g.: FDXZ9 – FDXU9;) Or you can create a new composite instrument (see helpfile “Equilla” - “Equilla Quotations and Time Periods”). After creating a Spread or a Composite Instrument, you can apply Strategies on the Instrument.

How to trading portfolios and observing composite performance.

Please see Tradesignal help for details: “Portfolio”

How to merge my historical data stream with some real-time data stream. I want to merge both so that I have longer continuous history.

For this you can use the TopUp Data functionality from Tradesignal. With this you can add the historical data to your real-time data. (see tradesignal help for details: “Importing External Data”)