Of bugs and rabbits - Release of Tradesignal Online Terminal Version 7

Bremen, 07/22/2013. Why does the animal world always make their way into technical analysis? We do not know, maybe otherwise it would be too abstract. Anyway, Tradesignal Online Terminal gets many new individual settings with the new update to version 7, with and without animal reference. In the latest version especially the enhanced User Interface shines with exemplary clarity and intuitive operation. In addition, the new Equilla Debugger simplifies the development of trading strategies significantly.

New User Interface

Leonardo da Pisa, better known as Leonardo Fibonacci, developed in 1202, the number sequence named after him to describe the growth of a rabbit population. At Tradesignal Online Terminal, however, the use of Fibonacci lines in 2013 is still there to analyze price movements. Retracements can be determined even more flexible with the new Fibonacci Extension Tool, because it allows any extension and free displacement of the lines according to Fibonacci's laws.

For convenient handling of the drawing tools Tradesignal Online Terminal provides a new Mini Toolbar. With this feature, all drawing tools can be opened directly in the chart, which is especially helpful and time saving when very many tools are used in a chart or if the view of the main menu has been minimized.

The Equilla Debugger

When the computer pioneer Grace Hopper 1947, stuck a moth in a book that had previously blocked a relay of a computer, she wrote: "First actual case of bug being found" Today bugs or just errors in programming are constantly found and corrected. This fact is also reflected in the new Equilla Debugger. The debugger can monitor and stop trading systems and indicators in real time. This allows changes to be made quickly and the development of a strategy is very flexible and easily controllable.

Sebastian Schenck, head of sales and marketing at the Tradesignal GmbH says: "This feature is a good example of the cooperation of Tradesignal with its users. We are very proud of the result and the achievement of our development team. We are convinced that the Equilla Debugger will make many traders and strategy designers happy. "

The evolution of the User Interface particularly catches the eye in the new version. It strongly focuses on the direct access to the most used functions. In addition, the possibilities for user-defined settings, including flexible and individually modifiable navigation bars, are greatly enlarged. Immediately users find their way in the new navigation and get intuitively to their desired destination with fewer clicks.

Whether the animal world has a decisive influence on technical analysis still remains open. But it is clear that Tradesignal Online Terminal not only since this update a tool that provides all the options for technical analysis that make trading attractive and successful. Moreover, this brief overview is just a snippet of the many innovations in Tradesignal Online Terminal version 7.
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You can find a comprehensive overview of the new developments in the Release Notes .

About Tradesignal Online Terminal:
The desktop application Tradesignal Online Terminal is supplied with real time push data and offers direct order routing. The German and English trading platform offers comprehensive tools and a wide range of data for the interactive chart analysis. With the easy language Equilla trading systems can be programmed individually. In addition, international real time exchanges may be added at any time. Tradesignal Online Terminal is manufactured in Germany by the Tradesignal GmbH, a leading provider of software for the international financial and energy market.