Prices and Subscriptions

I am a member of Tradesignal Online, what do I have to pay for Tradesignal Online Terminal?

On you can see the current price list. These prices also apply to Tradesignal Online members.

Are the Market Scanner and Trading Systems included in the basic price?

Yes, the basic price includes all application features that are offered by Tradesignal Online Terminal. That includes the Scanner, portfolios, trading systems, the Optimizer and all chart styles. There are also realtime push quotes for Forex instruments from FXdirekt and delayed quotes from Xetra and Eurex included in the basic price. The realtime market coverage can be expanded with the subscription to add-on data packs.

Is the Tradesignal Online Member Service included in the price for Tradesignal Online Terminal?

No, Tradesignal Online Terminal is a stand-alone product, that has nothing to do with the Member Service of Tradesignal Online.

Can I try Tradesignal Online Terminal free-of-charge?

Yes, on you can sign-up to a free trial of Tradesignal Online Terminal with realtime-pushdata.

I live outside Germany and I am unable to pay by direct debit from a German bank account (Lastschriftverfahren). Is there an alternative?

Yes, there is, you can pay by VISA, Mastercard and other major credit cards.