Subscription Questions

What is the Cancellation Period of a Tradesignal Online Terminal subscription?

The cancellation period for the service is one calendar month starting on the last day of the month in which the cancellation is made.

Do I still need my subscription to the Tradesignal Online Member Service?

That depends on what you would like to do. The Tradesignal Online Member Service and Tradesignal Online Terminal cannot be compared to one another. The Member Service offers enhanced features for the forum, a larger charting gallery, fewer advertisements and access to intraday data for users of Tradesignal Online. Tradesignal Online Terminal is a desktop trading/charting application with realtime data.

Certain European data packs are charged by the actual duration they were used and not for a complete calendar month. Why is there a difference?

This depends on the respective exchange. Most exchanges require payments for a complete month irrespective of when you use their data, where as others charge by the day. This difference is only relevant for the first month of a subscription.

Can I revoke my subscription to the service within 14 days?

Under the German right of objection law you can revoke any order within 14 days. This right of objection is void if you subscribe to a service that is available for use with immediate effect. This is the case if you order a service on