Technical Questions

I am using Windows XP, can I run Tradesignal Online Terminal?

No, the supported operation systems are: Windows 7,8 and Windows 10 incl. the respective Server-OS.

Does Tradesignal Online Terminal support 64 Bit?

Yes. With the release of Tradesignal Online Terminal has become a native 64 Bit version.

The application appears in the wrong language, how can I change the display language?

By default Tradesignal Online Terminal will attempt to display itself using the language of the operating system. At the current time the following languages are supported:
  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
You can change the display language by selecting File > Tradesignal Options > Personalize > Look & Feel > Language. you will need to restart Tradesignal for this change to take effect.

Where does the real-time data come from and how dependable is it?

Tradesignal Online Terminal exclusively uses the data feed from TeleTrader AG. It is very often mentioned in the forums of tradesignal online that the TeleTrader data quality is very high.

Does Tradesignal Online Terminal also work with the data from the Member Service or Tradesignal Online?


Do my former created workspaces work with new version of Tradesignal Online Terminal?

In general yes, but you may have to change the instruments, because Tradesignal Online Terminal may be using different symbols to the provider you have previously used.

I have a firewall, which Ports are used by Tradesignal Online Terminal?

It is important for your firewall that Ports 80 and 2088 are open for outbound data traffic.

What connection options do I have to set to connect to Tradesignal Online Terminal?

  1. Start the connection wizard
  2. Enter your username. This is the name you chose when you signed up to Tradesignal Online Terminal
  3. Enter your password
If the name of your computer is listed under 'username', you will have to change it to the username that you have selected when you signed up to Tradesignal Online Terminal.